If you are an owner-operator looking for truck loads to carry, then a large network of carriers will likely be your answer. If you are properly licensed and fully insured as an owner-operator, then Doft Load Board has a network of over 50,000 carriers to which we can offer plenty of available loads on a regular basis.

Doft Load Board is a large respected organization that can provide its drivers with lots of technical support and also quick payments. In fact, we have a reputation for paying our drivers quickly, and our check is always in the mail when we say it is!

How to Find Truck Loads with Doft

Doft is a financially stable business, not only is Doft one the largest privately-owned transportation companies in North America, but we are also one of the most respected for our ability to carry practically any load by land, sea or air and to meet our customer’s deadlines on time.

If you join our team of approved contracted driver, we can find you regular truck loads to meet the capacity of your vehicle. We also offer technical support on the road when needed and will send your check within 3-5 days of you invoicing us. We can also pay faster in exceptional circumstances. Once you have carried at least three loads for us, we can offer you a quick pay service where we will expedite your payment.

Doft Available Loads Web Page

You don’t need to believe us when we say that Doft has a whole host of available loads right now. Simply check the Doft Available Loads web page and check for yourself. This opens in a new window so you can stay on this page. Every time you log in as part of our team, we provide you with an updated list of available loads.

We can find loads for you for vans, trucks, blanket and pad wrap vans, crane vans, flatbeds and heavy haul vehicles whatever your type of vehicle, we will likely be able to offer a good choice. We offer a list stating the type of vehicle required, pick-up and delivery destinations and any necessary information, such as tarpaulins or special payment details.

Doft have truck loads constantly, all first come first served, if the vehicle suits the available load. We offer all the technical help you need when on the road.

If you are an independent owner-operator, and has the on-going need to find truck loads or available loads, then: Click Here To view our available Loads